Anything you need from digital illustrations to real life scupltures I can do! I’ve mastered too many techniques reasonable to enumerate above; just feel free to ask, I might be able to make your design glass lamp shade happen as well. So, no matter how big or small the project, I’ll be happy to help! : ) Or are you searching for realiable and hardworking artist to join your company? Sign me in! <3 (Contact info below.)


North Karelia Educational of Municipalities

12.8.2009 – 21.12.2011

Tuusniemen lukio
14.8.2006 – 30.5.2009


“We all have roots”
Tykistökatu 13, Oulu 28.3 Р11.4.2014

“Summer everywhere” – Oulu’s comic club’s summer exhibition
Kulttuurisiilo, Oulu 14 – 20.6.2013